I don't want only to share music, but the whole experience wrapped up around each song, so you can be soaked in and not only hear the instrumental part and lyrics, but feel what's underneath - the true message I'm sharing with you. 

My name is Tali, originally from the Czech Republic.

I basically dropped everything and started from the zero, here in North East of England - Newcastle. My music path started with playing the cello. I was exploring myself personally and on a musical level for years. This journey still continues. But I've found myself here - after I started to release singles again. I've already released an EP back in Czech but this second one reflects who I am as an artist right now. I sing. I play the cello and rap as well.

Right now I am in the process of making new EP reflecting my journey and living abroad, specifically here, in UK.

The idea of this EP is to remind myself where I stand right now and even though It was hell of a journey for me - living in another country, adapting to a new environment, trying to pick up my musical career again - I could still get here - to this point, where I want to show the world who I am as a person, musician and what I've been through, in a raw, authentic way.

I'm thinking of 5-6 songs together. It all started with my single 'Stitches' so this will be the very first song you'll get to listen to. Lead single will be 'El Camino'. Very much connected to my 4th pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.