10th of June


uff. second free day. waking up anxious. thinking what the fuck is going on. the weather is super windy and colder. the ocean is wilder. I guess it reflects my current mood. I had a plan to go on further beach and swim naked. well i still didnt want to give up so I'm going. I'm cold already but i'm going for it. the idea is not so romantic because the ocean is not clear blue but full of seaweed. so I only wash my body and putting clothes back on.

heading for a breakfast and coffee. I can't find peace. Can't even find nice place to sit and enjoy coffee. still anxious. coming back to the albergue. meeting Andrej and agreeing on having coffee together. first having a shower and cutting my hair a bit more.

we're going out. we saw a store where Andrej buys some stuff for his family. I see cap. buying it. such as postcard I'm sending later on. then we're having coffee together. the weather is sunnier but still cold and windy. randomly meeting Mario and Eva, chatting for a little bit. we might meet up in the evening.

I encouraged Andrej to go for the last swim. so he packs his stuff cause he's leaving today to Santiago. we're heading to the beach but the ocean is still pretty wild so we're just sitting on the rock. spending last moments together. everyone is leaving. i kinda want too. This something in the middle doesn't seem right.

soon i'm saying goodbye to him. Damien texts me, saying he'a arriving today, so i might see him. i still can't find the peace. I feel so disconnected from everyone. it's not camino anymore. just walking around and it annoys me more and more. i've made my mind and I'm gonna do last walk tomorrow. from Muxia to Fisterre. I already packed my things. I'm ready to leave. going to the town again, buy a tobacco and find a place where I could have a coffee in peace.

well one would think it's not hard to find one. hearing 'Melina' and looking behind the corner and that's the girl I haven't had the chance to meet that day before Olveiroa! this time we're exchanging our numbers. again. we might meet later on. can't find nice cafe/bar. either is super posh, not my vibe or it's closed cause locals like their siesta. some bars I would say look and smell like 'ctvrta cenova', but i'm trying one, cause there's nobody!

again, no card payments accepted. so i'm going back for some cash. fuck me. what I have to do before I have a coffee - and definitely not good one. anyway. i'm here, sitting, hiding. i feel so off. i just wanna come home really. recommendation for future Tali - have max 2 free days in the very end. trust me, It's enough!