11th of June


Muxia - Fisterre (around 30KM)

yeaterday I met a girl from Belgium - Lies. We clicked right away. we went to buy some beer and watch the sunset. It was cold and super windy. we talked a lot and I realised we're very much alike. I felt less lonely talking to her because like other pilgrims we're here from very similar reason and see things with very similar eyes. She's a lovely human being and I wish I could stay today and spend more time with her. I haven't even met Damien or Melina. another leaving without saying goodbye. well I guess that's a camino...

I'm waking up not feeling well. even thinking about staying but after some time I am rolling out of the bed. fuck me. It's so hard. the weather is cold and still sooo windy. It won't be easy I can tell you now already. went for a coffee and soon i'll be on the way again. last walk. 27KM. dunno if it's a good decision but hoping I can get to enjoy it a little bit.


so I'm here. at Fisterre. sitting on top of cliff. I can see the endless ocean. I'm so glad I did this extra 30KM, third camino to the second end of the world. yes all those tourists are super annoying but i know places so I'm actually here alone, on the other side of the lighthouse.

the walk today wasn't even long, at least it didn't feel like that. I was walking thru the forest most of the time, without breaks. It felt good. last walk. I tried to enjoy the freedom and every detail of it. now I am definitely ready to come back. of course, i'll be missing the ocean and the whole camino experience cause it is such a freedom you don't experience in everyday life.

i hope i can preserve this free spirit Tali even back there. surrounded by brick houses and not that open minded people.

i'm here alone and I dun mind it at all. just enjoying the sparkling ocean. and the sun i'm luckily getting. I am grateful for what I been thru and for people I've met on the way. Thank you!

i might have more to write later on but for now, i'm gonna sit here for a while and let this very moment to soak me in.


so...I came back from up there. still am very positive about having max two days free in the end. If it's possible I'd go home tomorrow already. but instead of staying here I will actually take a bus to Santiago tomorrow already! I texted Lies cause I felt lonely (still do) and she told me she's taking bus tomorrow. so i'm thinking it could be nice to see familiar face before I go. we'll stay at the same albergue.

had my favourite (hopefully last) noodle soup with huge baguette for dinner and the rest will be for tomorrow's lunch. some sweet stuff and now I'm only postponing to go to bed cause everyone is sleeping already - snoring. had to unpack my muffin on toilet so it's not too loud lol. now I'm sitting in the common area in silence. soon I'll be climbing upper bunk bed for very last time!!

for tomorrow I booked private room (?!) so hope I will have sweet last sleep tomorrow. coffee and pastry in the morning and then Santiago here I come! I am really looking forward to come back. I had my break and I miss my home. I miss my folks.

also left another trace behind - cut my hair a little bit more. it's like a therapy really. most of the time I can't see a shit so it's definitely the worst cutting technique hairdresser ever seen, but i am happy and feel lighter. thank you very much Andre and my tiny little nail scissors.

nite nite people