12th of June



hello from Santiago!


so I didn't have a good sleep obviously. Didn't feel comfortable, but anyway. got up in the morning, cut my hair again (lol - i need to stop)

then I left the albergue, watched the ocean for the last time and went for a coffee and breakfast. soon I arrived to the bus station. it was overcrowded already and very confusing. soon another bus arrived so the rest of the people who haven't fit into the first one started to cumulated in front of the other one. I had last €6 in cash but somehow i was not in stress. i saw a nice girl next to me and was like 'shit hope they accept cards, i think i don't have enough cash' and she was really sweet, she said she'll help me out in case it will be more.

so she bought me a ticket! so I gave her all my money and asked if its alright if we sit together. We started to talk. Her name is Marlene and she's from Berlin! very nice human creature. then I was trying to get some sleep and after a while I called my sister. after 3 hours we finally arrived. Meeting Lies and Emanuel again. we're splitting, going with Marlene for a coffee. she's leaving today to Porto.

after that I'm going to albergue to do the check-in. having little break in the park, lying in the sun and talking to my sweet friend from Austria on the phone. soon I'm paying for my room, printing a bus ticket for tomorrow and enjoying my tiny little private room (!) having a shower and going out to meet Marlene again. buying coffee and some sweet stuff for us. we're continue talking and chilling in the park. soon she's heading to the bus station so I'm walking her out.

then I text Lies that i'm in town already. we're meeting thanks to sharing our location on whatsapp (lol) i am super hungry but somehow we're ending up in a bar first where they dun serve food, so I'm having a beer and because our deep conversation I continue with tequila. what a great idea. so we're tipsy, hunting the food! Lies sees 'pizza'. actually pretty nice place where they have many vegan options. buying one piece and trying to eat my tipsiness. apparently not enough for my stomach so we're heading for another piece. still having pretty good time tho. we're laughing a lot.

i feel like I need coffee. we can see nice spot from the distance so we go there. hipster European style of the cafe. we might head here tomorrow for breakfast. Lies is leaving for a dinner with friends and I go back to just chill in the sun. also waiting for Lies to borrow me shower gel and shampoo, I left is somewhere on the way and I really wanna have proper shower before I get on the way lol. so yeah, tomorrow I'll be back, very late but yeah...back! Fuck me. Lol