1st of June


Vila Nova de Cerveira - Tui (17km)


wow. this house. I had the best sleep on this camino. amazing. I had so many dreams..that I will stay the following day. but this is camino. you need to be able to leave even such magical place like this. so we need to get going.

from some reason I am anxious. even my hands are shaking. i would say I dunno why but i have few ideas. also thinking about today - have no idea where we are going, where we end up. there's so many what ifs...

Anyway for now we enjoying our breakfast - müsli with oat milk with spectacular view.

Then we started to walk, shoes still bit wet but its ok. We could choose from two ways. Couldn't decided it so we flipped a coin so way along the river won. Good choice, nobody around. I walked with Misa first 4 kilometres, then we had a break.

After that I split from her. My thoughts were too loud to stay in her company. Its only 18km today but it feels like torture.

It's 13.45 and I had to sit down and have a coffee. Everything hurts. I can't bear the heaviness of my backpack, my body and thoughts. Nothing is helping really. I am trying to except how I feel in general and don't beat myself up not to be able to walk and be happy.

Tho I still appreciate the weather - it's not raining. We are heading towards Valenca - last town on Portuguese side. Then we will go over the bridge and end up in Spanish town Tui with one hour difference and higher prices.

I thought I will give up writing and documenting for today, cause I find it really hard to be cheerful and describe every detail.


Misa arrived. She feels the same. so I'm not alone in this, yaay. Soon we'll be heading towards albergue municipal in Tui and see if there's a place for us. fingers crossed. God knows I need it.

Was listening to Maro - Saudade, very sad song. Basically saying goodbye to Portugal already.


so I said goodbye to Misa again in the afternoon but then I experienced very heavy shower, so I hide at the fire station. then we met again and continued together to Valenca. I was basically running towards Tui, cause I didn't want to be wet again.

Yay, crossing the river and I'm in Spain already.

Thinking that I've been here before so I know the way to albergue. Hm. Not exactly. Got lost three times! Exhausted but finally found it. I dun like staying here but saving the money. Again bit of jail vibes - common showers, no privacy, huge room with so many other people. Not very happy about it. But it is what it is. I have a bed where I can sleep, so that's important.

Prokop and his mum are here too. Misa arrived later on. I met this guy Allan from England! He lives in London now but guess what. He studied in Newcastle and lived in Fenham!!! Around Westgateroad. Can you believe it?

We chatted for a bit but I was super hungry so I went out. Found a cute place where I been before. Asked for a espresso and small tiny sandwich. The guy was surprised I dun want more, well. I would want to but you know...saving dinero. And then he came with extra cake and a juice! I love those little tiny kind gestures. It'a a blessing really.

I'm still hungry tho. So I will go to supermercado and will buy something more plus for tomorrow. I wanna buy deodorant too. Need to feel like a human being and dun like my smell. lol. so yeah that's the plan.

finding very difficult to connect to wifi in here. feels like a luxury really. such as finding free spot where you can charge your phone, especially in those public albergues. hope I'll be lucky and find some. I might check the route for tomorrow so I'm little bit prepared, but it should rain again, so we'll see how far I get.


went to shop and bought myself a pilgrim menu. which is a baguett and cheese. tomato, fruits and because we are in Spain already - cerveza con limon.

found a spot with a view and ate my dinner like a proper Czech. second half of the baguett will be for tomorrow'a lunch. btw most of the pilgrims eat outside. I never did. maybe had few sandwiches sometime, but that's it. just finishing my beer and will be heading back to albergue. I might have and early night. also I think I've lost my earplugs. might be painful night for me, especially today with so many people in the room.

Buenas noches