2nd of June


Tui - Redondela (more than 30KM!)

wow. this day was loooong. but I'll take it from the start

6.30 - waky waky. I actually even woke up before the alarm. It was my earliest time to wake up on this camino but it was alright. the weather forecast didn't look good but I had my faith.

I think we were the first one from the albergue who started walking. It was pretty awesome to go thru those tiny empty streets with having no one around! Misa speeded up but I wanted to take my time.

I am noticing everything today. well i'm trying. details. all the flowers. trees. different smells. meeting many snails on the way. it started to rain (again). I am still refusing to put rain coat cause I simply dun feel comfortable in it. So I speeded up too. even running sometimes. then i saw Laura. she's taking a rest. i need cafe. pleaseeee. ok I see one - shouting on Laura so she doesn't have to sit there in the rain.

Many people are there already and many are coming in. coffee. yes. I see Israel again - he forgot to pay so he had to come back! But at least we chatted for a while, smoked a ciggie and said goodbye again. I was waiting for some time cause the rain was quite heavy.

and finally. i can see small window of a blue sky. putting backpack on and here we go. speeding up again! not just because I ate half of the chocolate but also I wanted to escape from all those other pilgrims. meeting Prokop and his mum. there's two ways. I'm choosing shorter, obviously. also nobody went there so another reason lol. I remember this one, its very industrial, but somehow I really liked it!

I was on the phone with Misa and she is about to take the train from O Porrino. I checked and I would have to walk 7 km in and hour. Well I knew I dun want to take a train but still I was on my own mission to make it in an hour. so I put Noga Erez on and started to walk really fast! running even when I felt like it.

Actually there was a factory making cookies and that smell was amazing. I wanted to eat cookies. but I had to keep going. It felt great this little race I was on. yea I was pushing myself but I'd say in a good way. I knew I can do it.

And I did it. I could have even taken the train but I didn't. Had another coffee instead and continued towards Redondela (another 15).

It started to be really hot. like in the jungle. I almost haven't stopped. Maybe for like 5 minutes. I was passing Mos (village behind O Porrino). I remember staying there. That times there was only one cafe and now? So many. You don't even know which one to choose.

Well I just passed all of them and went up. uff. hot hot. soon when I was complaining in my head a little bit I experienced another heavy shower. Once it stopped I continued again. I could already feel my feet are on fire and my old blisters are worse and have so many new ones. But it doesn't matter, you just have to keep going. So I was singing. I was dancing. I was running. I was simply trying to get most out of it.

This day reminded me my previous caminos the most - early start, good mood, more people on the way etc. and one amazing thing happened. I am still so happy about it.

So I met sheep and goats, so cute. but then one came to me, like I dunno...she recognises me - she's looking at me and then, like a cat or a dog - she's cuddling me - like for real!! I've never experienced that and it literally made my day. It was so cute and lovely moment!

basically then I was just continued, following arrows and headed to Redondela. I knew why I didn't remember it. I've never stayed, only passed thru. but now we're staying in quite nice albergue. so I took a shower as usual, washed clothes etc. writing journal now just in case I fall asleep later on.

What I ate today: tiny croissant, half of the chocolate, half of the baguette with 2 slices of cheese, peach, 2 coffees, fanta

so I guess I need to go out and eat/buy something. albergue cost €10. dun track my finances yet. but everyday is similar when it comes to prices. only coffees and beer are expensive in Spain. well maybe everything. I'll find out.


went out. wearing my fancy outfit. my fav shirt. hair almost dry. sun is shining. sometimes it really feels like vacation lol. Redondela is beautiful city. walking thru those streets with tiny balconies. it's amazing. I feel like i dun even need anything. just to absorb that I am. I am here and now. in this beautiful town.


never too late for coffee. so I'm having another one along with a muffin. I deserve it after such a day like this! Also I went to pharmacy. Imagine describing your intimate issue to a lady in front of other customers. Well, I took the cheaper option - some pastillas I'll be taking for following days...hope it gets better. soon I'll do small shopping just to be ready for tomorrow. Misa already bought some pasta so I guess I won't have my favourite noodle soup today.

Want to edit my videos from today and think of the way for tomorrow. Dunno how many kilometres I'll be able to walk tomorrow cause of so many blisters I have. i'm sure in everyday life it would be unbearable pain but here? It's just part of it. Also in some albergues it's possible to pay by card these days - fancy!

Last dets - Misa bought pasta so she cooked. I realised I'm not very use to eat a lot actually, so i'm super full. washed the dishes and now just chilling on the super cool balcony we have! Feel like Juliet. i dun even need (would say Romeo) but more like Juliet, standing down under the balcony. I feel good being her on my own. i feel the freedom today. I feel the free spirit Tali x

Well I guess that's it for today - if u have any more questions, dun hesitate to ask me (:

oh PS: my new friend Sarah from Denmark - she told me that there was something British about me! I mean about my accent. ha. i was flattered tbh :D 


on the balcony, Spain pt 1

watching birds playing

catch me if u can

right under condensed clouds

dark pastel blue and violet

with peachy edges

almost like cotton candy

i am observing

i am a spectator

feels like a postcard

I've just received

beautiful picture



giving me almost shivers

it brings you back

where you have been many times already


yet so different

you are




but it's good.

keep sending postcards

and be able to receive


your tiny Tali