30th of May


Carreco - Caminha (10km + train)

sitting at the train station hoping the train will arrive any time soon. dunno how it goes in here.

about yesterday evening - me, Prokop and Misa we stayed at the pool and kept on drinking beer and talking about stuff. Prokop knows a lot, he reminds me lots of my dead. but this time I was really trying to listen and remember all the information he told us. I'd tell you but I can't cause I remember the details but it was very interesting!!


already sitting in the train! Yaay. I like this camino. my body is thanking me. It cost me €1.45. soon I'll be in Caminha, Prokop saves the spot for me, so I'll be staying in albergue municipal for €8.


I was postponing finishing writing for some time.

sitting in another cafe/bar, so I dun have to come back to the albergue.


ok. been kicked out again, so i'm drinking another coffee (hope its not gonna kill me) just to get some more time for myself. met lovely guy Peppi (i dunno actually you know I have a memory of jelly fish) but he started to talk to me. he told me moved here before 4 years from Finland. i was honestly just happy to talk to someone nice and someone who can speak at least a little bit of english.

I asked him where should I go tomorrow. so I might take a train to Valenca and walk to Tui from there but still haven't decided yet. nothing feels right.

despite getting my period I woke up in a good mood today, felt like I belong here and that its gonna be better and better. well. sadly, no. my stomach pain started to kick and my good mood was gone. anyway. time passed by and at 2pm we started to walk towards Vila preia de Ancora (9km). because of the pain and me wanting to escape my thoughts I left Misa behind and walked super fast. 4pm and I'm already there, thinking what the fuck should I do next. Misa stays here. I was about to do the same but again - looking at my finances - decided to take a train and went to Caminha to albergue municipal. just to spare some money. admitting it wasn't the best decision. ended up in a very small room packed with other people. zero privacy. oh hello anxiety. finishing my noodle soup and going out just to escape from other pilgrims. switching bars. beer, coffee and tequilla in the end. it's not the best day, you can tell. i just need some safe space and cry. but it's luxury I can't get.

but not to give you only sad vibes! I am still very grateful for small signs of kindness.

like this girl in the cafe/bar - i came in, super hungry. wanted to buy just something small to eat (cookies). and she gave me so many extra in the bag. then I wanted to pay and she gave me my money back. can you believe it? so yeah. and also she was pretty and had some nice tattoos. I'd say it was the highlight of the day.

I'm passing out a little bit. This tequilla was super strong and knocked me down. maybe I needed it. i hope I'll fall asleep and wake up into brand new/better day! still have some faith, even tho I might be sad or cry time to time. even this is camino and it is okay!

PS: thanks to my friend and conversation I had with this beautiful human being - big support, thru whatever i'm going thru.

Okay adios, thumbs up for Tali that even after this shot I was able to finish my journal from this day x