31st of May


Caminha - Vila Nova de Cerveira (11km)

i guess tequilla helped to unwind yesterday so yes, it took me some time to fall asleep but I did eventually. my lovely germans woke up at 6.20, so meant wakey wakey for me as well.

I was basically waiting for them to leave, so I'm in the room alone again and only enjoying this sweet little me time now. my period is really strong. having a pain in my calf and many painful blisters. but still trying let them be and survive the pain. only put a cream on me legs - I'm so grateful for  this cream cause its not mine - one Czech women borrowed it to me 2 days ago and then forgot to take it back. well wherever you are - thank you and sorry!

the weather is not looking good. so I'll try to walk as much as possible from the start and see how I feel. I have few options today, but again, haven't decided yet.

I re-packed my backpack and tried to be a bit organised. my washed clothes is still wet. bummer. dreaming about washing machine and dryer. cause even if i wash my clothes, well it doesn't smell badly but still, not the best.

anyways, physically not very well, mentally so so. I've never walked this part of the camino so I hope it will be nice.


so today's weather is really bad. had to put waterproof clothes on + rain coat on. i was really in a good mood today. I just wanted to walk really. I was prepared even for more than 30 km. after few kilometres I stopped for a coffee. met Israel from Israel. we chatted for a bit, then I bought something small to eat cause I was starving. the rain wasn't that bad for a while so I put the rain coat off, put some nice dance music on and kept on going.

today I tried to admire the sound of the rain, flowers, beautiful green standing out in this rain. just enjoy the walk despite the weather. was a bit dancing even. but after a while the rain started to be heavier again, so I was soaking wet. I knew I could walk more but If I would walk to Tui I wouldn't have enough time to dry out (clothes, shoes).

I knew Prokop will be staying in Vila Nova de Cerveira with his mum so I booked a spot there as well just in case I decide to stay.

later on

I arrived to this albergue really early (11.45) but It was really good decision to make.

I found out Misa is on the way too. I feel like I'm getting into speaking czech again lol. This albergue is beautiful (only six of us! in this huge house). Again a little bit of luxury - towel, duvet, hairdryer (!), something in the fridge (based on pay what you feel), massage chair and something for your feet as well (!). I might even use washing machine and dryer! Cause otherwise my clothes will never be dry in this weather.

You know I really dun mind this rain, but it makes it so much more difficult and annoying when it comes to sorting out your clothes etc plus planning your route. the weather forecast is not looking good till Thursday. so I might need to plan it and start walking early both days.

what I'm looking forward the most is to cook something!!! And have a proper food. I am craving for it really. I'm so sick of sweet stuff and having just fruits or crackers. need something fresh (:

so we might cook something later with the others!

Oh and Israel is here. then german girl Laura (there's tons of germans on the way omg), Misa, Prokop and his mum.

Owner of the house took us to supermercado. Goodness its always so hard to buy something when ur super hungry and also you know you can't carry much. But today it feels like a vacation really and the view...silence, privacy. fuck me, it's amazing - this was my idea actually.

and you would be happy - I ate proper dinner! We had spaghetti with bolognese sauce. yum yum.

and now, writing these last words, just sitting on the porch, watching the sunset, what a calm, warm evening. the rain is gone for now. birds chirping only. the smell of all those flowers i'm surrounded by is simply amazing. this moment is such a blessing.

thank you