3rd of June


Redondela - Pontevedra (19,7 + 5)

I haven't slept well. Couldn't fall asleep, because again, I was dealing with my financial situation and it gave me anxiety.

I woke up earlier, before the alarm, because I heard other people already packing up. so I decided to get up too and start earlier. The weather is looking good so far. I packed my things quite quickly, smoked a cigarette, brushed my teeth and got on the way.

The morning temperature was really good for walking. I started to meet more and more pilgrims. we're getting close to Santiago so it'a packed with people! And most of them with only small backpacks cause they walk last 100KM only.

I was so on edge in the morning. Walking really fast. Just wanted to get it done first. I realised how similar I am to my dad when it comes to expression my bad mood - I was swearing a lot in Czech and was really pissed. Then I had to do some talking to myself and calm down. 'Tali, you're already here, enjoy it ffs! You can't control a shit so there's no point to be stressed out about certain things'

Then I met Shin from Tokyo. He told me he's doing things from his bucket list. He already travelled 150 countries in 2 years, after his wife passed away. He cycled 1000km through Asia in 3 weeks and now he's doing the camino for the first time. We had coffee together. I've met Jirka from Czech and Damien from Germany again.

I joined Jirka after a while and then we sticked together till the very end. We just walked quite fast and chatted thru the whole way. We arrive 11.30, so very early. Came to public albergue where already few pilgrims were waiting for the albergue to open. so we put our backpacks there too to secure our place there. we had a coffee in the meantime and were waiting too.

then we paid for the accommodation, got our stamp and had shower. we went out to explore the city. Jirka shared a baguette with me. Invited me for a beer. It was nice. Pontevedra is beautiful city. We made it on time. Then it started to rain again. We bought some food for tomorrow and headed back to the albergue.

I felt really good before but now i'm really struggling to finish my journal today. had only one beer but it knocked me down. my good mood is gone. was thinking about taking the spiritual way but i think i'm gonna stick to the main one. I just need to get it done and escape from the crowds. I want to get to Finisterre as soon as possible...that's the plan.

didn't have any time for myself today. feel overwhelmed. Jirka shares his food with me today, but i'm struggling to eat. I got use to not eat much. almost nothing. hope it gets better and i'll be able to enjoy eating again. if the weather is good tomorrow I'll push it for more than 30. we'll see. It's a breaking point. not only for me. 8 days behind. maybe 3 more to go (to Santiago).

That's all from me for today.

I can't write anything more.

I'm sick. I'm just so done.