4th of June


Pontevedra - Padron (40+KM)


9th day. Really? I got so lost in time. I set the alarm on 5.57. Most of other pilgrims getting up too. The sign of tiredness and exhaustion - you can easily fall asleep in room full of other people, snoring, making noises, light, smell...so yeah I was even thinking to forget my alarm, but here I am already dressed up and ready to go.

Since I met Misa I always want to sit first and remember my dreams but I still haven't done it. Although its very frustrating remembering only a feeling or blurry parts. She does that every morning - she sits on the bed and mediate.

I have a long way to go. Getting to this point.

Anyway. Said goodbye to Damien, because he goes the espiritual camino. I'm disappointed really. I wanted to take this route too, but in the last part you have to take the boat and it costs extra €20...I mean not a big deal for others. well whatever. Going the main one and hoping to meet Damien later on. He's a lovely guy.

Jirka gave me matcha powder yesterday so I'll start healthier today + fruit purée (yes that one for babies lol)

I'll be hoping to find some cafe soon. I'm hungry already. But it's still too early. just waiting for my headphones to be a little bit more charged and I'll be gone.


ok on the way. also back started to hurt a lot. I lost my cream! well not mine. maybe someone else needs it more. but wud definitely use it.

It's insane you know. You can really feel the pressure. From this part it doesn't feel like camino at all. still thinking about espiritual.


i was passing a bakery so I bought a croissant and it was a good decision, because there was no cafe thru 10km. now i'm sitting at the cafe I been already 2 times I think.

oh and I was admiring all those buildings in Pontevedra. Love the architecture. so futuristic. like from future world. love love

cried already 2 times already. first when I was passing the point where the ways were splitting. and I was sad not to choose espiritual. then when I started to sing my own song El camino. then I speeded up just to walk on my own not surrounded by other pilgrims. met Shin and meeting others along the way. finishing coffee. I really appreciate when they give you something tiny sweet to eat with your coffee. that's sweet.

having maybe 11km to go and then I'll decide whether I want to continue or not.


Another cafe/bar. coffee. still dunno if I should stay in Caldas des Reis or continue 10KM to Valga. Honestly I would just skip the Santiago and continue to Finisterre.

but for now - 3.2KM more to go and then I'll decide.


wow guys. I wasn't sure if there will be something to write about today because I felt so fed up today. I wasn't enjoying it. just walking. then I arrived to Caldas des Reis and the town was just overcrowded and I felt so overwhelmed. I was walking around the town and trying to think of what to do. nearly went into albergue but my intuition was telling me to continue despite the pain I was having already.

after a while I bought something to eat and continued. i started to cry but still walking. I didn't know what I'm doing, where I'm heading. exhausted lighted up a cigarette. young fella passed me. then I met him again and started a conversation. His speed was insane. but I kept going and talking. I found out his name is Andre and he's from Germany. I told him I only wanna walk 10 more. he on the other hand headed to Padron (40 in overall). I was joking it would be great to end up there too. Then we were talking about everything basically. He's 25, studying management, travelled already the world! Nearly became professional tennis player, and now he's preparing himself for triathlon. Well i am proud of myself I kept his walking pace! He did this route very fast. Normally he walked like 40, 50 kilometres...crazy man!

But thanks to him I pushed myself to do my first 40KM! Yes it was painful towards the end but what a great meeting and decision. Really. So so unexpected. We ended up in public albergue and tomorrow I might walk with Andre again and already end up in Santiago! :)

We grabbed a beer, Andre had two giant baguettes and I was full only from watching him eating lol. Also the whole day I was thinking about cutting my hair. I had this image in my had of me with short hair, smiling. such a free soul. so we might do and experiment and Andre could become a hairdresser.


Okay so we did it. It was quite epic. Being on top of hill in front of the cathedral, seeing Padron from the top plus having a haircut with my tiny little scissors. I won't ever forget this moment. Well done Andre!

Tomorrow i'll be walking with Andre towards Santiago already! Starting early so goodnight folks x