5th of June (Santiago!)


Padron - Santiago de Compostela (24+)
I haven't slept much. first I couldn't fall asleep because of other people snooring and then I woke up 3.30 cause of unbearable pain in my feet and legs. used only a cream (I found it!) but I have no painkillers so I have to buy some later on.

I woke up around 5. we agreed to start at 6, so I'm already dressed up and waiting for Andre. first time I'll be walking in the dark with my torch. fortunately not alone! There's so many other pilgrims getting ready and some of them already walking in the dark towards Santiago. We all want to be there as soon is possible. The best time would be 9am but of course that's impossible for us. even with speed walk we'll make it for 12pm I think.


today's walk was reaaally painful. I had to put some plasters on, take magnesium and eat a lot of chocolate on the way not to faint. Andre was a great company. He shared a food with me and invited me for some coffees long the way. It felt like a never ending story towards the end. But we kept on talking and we came across on so many topics! It's insane. I just met him yesterday and I feel like I know him for some time!! It was such a great moment entering Santiago and then cathedral with him. This time I experience the most people in here, God it's a lot. Normally I'd be anxious but with his company It just feels so casual. We're drinking second beer in the centre and just enjoying the moment. Absorbing everything. All those feelings. We already booked an accommodation so we're sorted and we can just chill.

It's a bit like a dejavu but also it feels different. I am different. and tomorrow I'll be on the way again! 267 KM behind, more than 100 ahead of me :)


oh my. first I was like - no i dun need this bloody certificate (compostela), but it's Andre's first time so I was like yeah let's go for it. 40 minutes waiting time...ok. after those beers we were tipsy, so we just lied on the ground and fell asleep. obviously we came late but they let us in! Thank goodness it wasn't for nothing. so I have it eey. then we headed to our albergue. omg! to me again - luxury. if i have towel and i dun have to use sleeping bag. i'm running out of shower gel and other stuff but can't be bothered to go shopping. washed only my socks and the rest have to wait.

I'm soooo done. Tomorrow I'll definitely start later on!! Need some proper rest and sleep.

PS: Andre is super nice lad. He's making fun of British accent but this I can forgive him. He's smart, funny, really lush company!!