6th of June


Santiago de Compostela - Negreira (22+)

thought I'm gonna sleep like a baby, but that didn't happen. cudnt fall asleep and woke up quite early. anyway...soon I got up. didn't feel any pain. brushed my teeth, had a shower and packed my things. Andre woke up too and we went for a coffee.

I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to leave Andre, not saying goodbye to Misa. It was so hard honestly. Had beautiful breakfast with Andre and actually spent lovely time with him. So happy I could meet this guy :)

Then we had last coffee and headed to the cathedral. I hate saying goodbye. But soon I'm showing my back to Santiago. Dejavu. Crying again. emotional. trying to walk as fast as possible. it's all about walking. listening music and crying one more time. sun came up, it's super hot. Glad I've changed my clothes in the woods.

Meeting only few pilgrims. Except that, quite lonely walk. but I dun mind, I don't care. It's me again! Hello Tali. Here we are. Walking the same path for 3rd time. It's quite hilly. Harder. I booked more expensive accommodation (where I've been 2 times already).

Had a shower, cut my hair a bit more. put my clothes (most of it) to the washing machine cause I have last tee and shorts. Made a soup - this time letter soup - my inner child cudnt resist when she saw it in the store. I am about to sort myself out, absorb, absorb, feel...sleep, cry, listening music, call my parents?

also need to buy food for tomorrow - its gonna be long day with not many options to buy anything - almost nothing! I remember that part really well...well this whole camino is very familiar. was passing places where Ive been with my german friend Fran from 2nd camino. we had a beer (i think) and icecream (for sure).

Today I was thinking of buying a cap and use my pens and draw on it. I have so many random ideas. Also I composed a song. Well few verses. Dunno if I will ever show the world. Anyways...25KM today, feeling the pain again! And all the blisters...but its gonna be alright (:

PS: Andre - if ur reading - thanks for all the magnesium, plasters and shampoo!!


back. i shud survive tomorrow. just having a random thought of going to Muxia tomorrow. I actually dun even know how many kilometres it would be. but we'll see. saw many other pilgrims but dun have mood to start convo at all. I'm more like in 'leave me alone' mode. my clothes are dry and smell amazing. also used a tester in the shop so I feel great when it comes to how I smell (lol)

smoking a cigarette and waiting for my dad to call. not hungry at all even tho I haven't eaten much today. my stomach hurt a little bit.