7th of June


Negreira - O Logoso (38KM)

ooookay. so I had this plan. to wake up at 6 sharp. spoiler. didn't work out. i wanted to use the blanket only, so I can save myself some packing in the morning. i dunno if it was the blanket but my whole body started to be itchy. also cramps kicked in. super cold in the room. simply was so hard to fall asleep. found the magnesium in the dark. get my backpack out of the room so I can take my precious sleeping-bag out. then I fell asleep.

once my alarm started to ring I turned it off. had this text in my had my friend sent me that I shud be gentle to myself. so I woke up at 7.30. most of pilgrims are already gone. this time I went for a coffee first and gonna take it slowly. i feel shattered. meeting other pilgrims in the cafe. it's a different atmosphere, different pace on this camino.

i have no idea how many kilometres I'll walk today. I still want to end up at least in Olveiroa. see if they still have a place when I arrive.


on the way finally. first time I walk without my torch this part of the way. putting some summer apple playlist, hoping its gonna give me some energy. feeling heavy.

missing my cap and my sunglasses. especially when i want to read something. like a wifi password (essential on the camino lol)


I met two spanish guys - Eva and Mario. They smelled sooo good when I was behind them.


I walked with them for some time. Mario speaks more english but Eva is trying too. We chatted, laughed. It was ok. but I was starving and just waited to find some cafe! And I found, just sitting with a coffee. It's so hard to walk today. I feel very tired. eating my small muffin and soon will get on the way again.


Just met Melina from Sweden. Well i've met her yesterday already and we stayed in the same albergue but we haven't introduced ourselves.

We might end up in the same spot again, cause I think I won't go further than 30 today. And also I kinda want to talk to her again.


from the last stop it was pure torture. Neverending path, me - allowing myself to feel...cried few times. First i was walking slow then I speeded up like crazy. 2 people told me to be gentle on myself...well i did exact opposite. First I was soaking up in all those feelings, then I had to run away from it. literally. had another quick coffee, left many people behind and walking alone now. definitely won't be able to make more than 32 KM today. It hurts a lot.



I think I have no words what was happening afterwards. I think it was one of the worst days on my caminos in overall.

so I was walking. fast. very fast. then the pain started to kicking in. feet on fire. limping. meeting guy from France being on the way for almost 3 months. trying to pretend I dun feel any pain but he can see I can't hide it.

after 34 KM we are arriving to Olveiroa. it's overcrowded. public albergue is full. Leaving the house and having a breakdown. I am done. so done. i really can't even describe how I felt. having another shitty coffee, crying, trying to pull myself out so I can continue walking. I have to. i only found free spot in Hospital - 5 more kilometres. Ok. walking. again. i've realised i've walked this part always in the dark so at least I could enjoy the view. It's actually spectacular.

eating my last apple, starving, pulling the last bits of nonexisting energy. passing the albergue I thought is full. another pilgrim told me to try and ask if there's a free place. I didnt believe it but I have tried.

lucky me. they have free spot. falling asleep on the table and paying for my bed. having a shower. having a sandwich and cola (fortunately they have restaurant here). i can barely move. I feel like my whole body is on fire. I'm just done.

i might need to walk tomorrow but if there's a possibility of public transport i will go for it cause I can't push it anymore. i dun want to.

that's me for today. Falling asleep, i'll keep u updated what's the plan for following days.

Nite nite