8th of June



wow. this day? my last - official day? I am having hard times describing it. but i'll try.

so I woke up in the morning. It's raining!

so I stayed in bed and was hoping it will stop. had a coffee and something small to eat. it's around 8am and it is still raining. no chance to get a bus so guess what. taking pills, magnesium and putting plasters on. here we go. u can do it Tali.

soaking wet already after 4 KM. stopping for another coffee. buying enormous banana and cookies, because for more than 10KM there won't be any chance to get anything. so i'm on the way. on my way to Muxia this time. I am fast. fearless. in a good mood, i've got this!! I am not annoyed by the weather. I am enjoying it really.

vibing with tunes and even running thru some parts! my head is clear! celebrating it with some singing and dancing. I peed only twice today and it was funny - i had to put already my rain coat on cause of non stop rain. but it was very useful while peeing in the woods. people could have been even passing by and they wouldn't have seen a thing.

having a cola and muffin later on, i was starving!

and then it was basically 15 more kilometres without stop. i checked the map and it was better - shorter to go along the highway. well more dangerous and not comfortable but still - shorter, so I followed. last 4 KM were reaaally painful. but then. i see the sign - Muxia! no kidding, I was about to cry. happiness all over the place. and more importantly I see this beautiful white beach. water insanely clear blue. like from a bloody movie. I see people having a swim. I know I have to go there!!

so i'm running and see two women. asking one to capture this precious moment. giving her my phone and running towards the ocean! Imagine. this salty refreshing freedom. WOW

I did it! I did it! I am so proud of myself.

I felt the same when I've walked camino del norte and jumped into the ocean that time at Finisterre.

refreshed, soaking wet, coming towards albergue I booked. lovely guy is greeting me and giving me certificate! even happier. like a small child receiving its first diploma.

I feel like i'm home again. like for real. this place feels so calm. so safe. so comfortable. this last day gave me peace. I have no answers whatsoever. but I have this clear head. i feel like i am ready for the next step/steps. for whatever is waiting for me. I am even closer to myself. I realised more stuff I need to work on. I am this beautiful shiny human being with open heart. I am ready to share with whoever wants to listen.

I am proud of myself and the journey I've done so far. especially this camino. the most difficult but the most precious. I am done - but in a good way. I've walked more than 350KM and I feel like that's enough. it's time to absorb. swim in the ocean. watch the sunset. wrap myself in cozy love, smell of the ocean, sounds of the waves. preserve all this beauty. almost magical. with such a depth. THANK you. Děkuji. Gracias

Amazed by this experience. I will let it be. watch how it flows. I know I am stronger. further.

please - do your own camino - it's an experience you have to feel on your own - i can only describe mine. but it's very individual. you can feel and experience similar things but never the same.

Thank you Henriett (beautiful creature from Denmark I talked to for some time today!) and girl from Lisbon I had short conversation while watching sunset - we haven't introduced ourselves cause there was no point. she's leaving tomorrow. we only shared our experience. shared the magic of camino and this specific place we're at.

buen camino!!!