9th of June


so today is my first free day!

very enjoying it.

I woke up like 8 something and thought would be nice to go first for a swim (it's almost a must! when ur surrounded my the ocean)

Andrej from Slovenia joined. we went to bakery first to buy a breakfast. then we've met his friend he met on the camino (Michaela from Germany) and we had a coffee together.

sun is shining, it's really hot already. I look like a tomato so this time i'm putting sun scream on cause ain't fun anymore.

after coffee we're heading to this beautiful beach i first jumped into the ocean from. There's almost no one by this time. the water is not that warm yet but we dun mind and we're going for a swim. It's so beautiful. It makes me happy to swim in this clear blue water. diving in. i see fishes! so close. we climbed a small rock we jump from. it's a small piece of paradise. I am happy. I am actually trying to soak into this happiness, to this very moment! so I can have it in my head when I'm back in the reality.

It's very slow day. I am trying to exist only. then I've met Sheila from Cuba again! We're chatting, having beer, coffee...later on i am sorting out our laundry in the local laundry store (very fancy and fast!)

buying pasta, sauce and some veg...have to admit I can't get use to having proper food yet. I'm feeling quite funny after this meal. but can't live on chocolate and coffee.

I felt like I need my space so went for a walk to watch sunset, even tho i am super tired. it's cloudy but hoping to see the sun going down. climbing the rock and then coming down to 0.000 stone. people are sitting here on big stones, waiting for sunset already. so I joined them. it's cold but I can wait a little bit more. I can't get enough pf the smell of the ocean, sound of the waves...endless wide ocean...and the peachy line in the distance.

breathtaking. honestly.

it's very windy. i can see big waves down there crushing towards the rocks. there's one brave fisherman standing on the edge of the rock. quite epic watching him.

i'm freezing but i want to wait till the very end.