27th of May


Porto (Matosinhos) - Povoa de Varzim (24.6)

after not very good night it took me a while to leave the albergue. I haven't realised how snoring can be various - rhytm, sounds. so even my earplugs did not help. at all.

I met a cool guy Fabio from Italy. Asked if I can join him for a coffee. He showed me this awesome bakery. You have to take a look on the photo because it was unbelievable how many items you could choose from.

I've been recommended this sugar overloaded pastry called Gloria. I had to go for it. such a cool name. so we chatted, had coffee and then we said goodbye to each other. I was about to start my camino. Took a metro to Matosinhos and continued along the coast. First I was very happy from this lush weather, but the sun was really strong, 27 degrees. I was very slow, the whole day. Had to take multiple breaks. The whole time I wasn't sure where I'm heading or where i'm gonna sleep.

In my head I was trying to prepare myself to sleep outside. I even had a very short swim in the ocean, in case I won't get having a shower later. The waves were wild but I jumped in there anyway. So refreshing. Such a blessing, really.

But don't get me wrong. This whole trip is one crazy idea and it is tough. Especially before the end you think u gonna loose ur mind. I was singing or more mumbling to myself to keep going. I have to say huge thank you to an angel on the phone plus all other supportive people who are with me all the time. I feel lonely sometimes but I know I'm not alone.

I tried to get my ass to Povoa de Varzim, where I was in 2019, so I knew I at least have to try this albergue for pilgrims. Lucky me - last space!! I'll be sleeping on the floor but I dun really care. I had a shower. Washed my clothes and I have a place to sleep. All you need really. Because It was albergue donativo I thought I'm gonna enjoy myself and get some food! Not just cookies and fruits. So I put my fancy camino shirt and went look for a place to sit. Found one! Beer and sandwich please. Goodness. Thank you. I am beyond grateful. I mean this whole is hard. Part of me missing everybody and home of course, but I chose it, so i'm trying to get most out of it really.

I'd like to share my expenses but not today. Today I didnt care and spend more then I wanted. A bit ashamed have to admit. But it was a first day. I'll get use to eating cookie and fruits. promise. You know...there's so much more...but it's impossible to share every single detail, thought running thru my head on the way. I wish. But I'd recommend - do it. Experience it. That's the only way. trust me :)

Albergue donativo: €0