28th of May



I was editing my videos yesterday, was ready to call it a night. A guy sat on the couch next to me and started a conversion. First I was 'man, leave me alone (in my head)' but after some time he was like where are you from (favourite question) so I told him and he was like 'tak to asi muzeme mluvit cesky, co'. Tak jsem poznala zcestovaleho Prokopa, Cecha a Slovaka v jednom, zijiciho aktualne na Islandu, kde dela pruvodce po ledovcich!

Je to jeho druhe camino, na ktere vzal svou mamu. Okay so we went out for a beer and chatted little bit more. Then I found out they have room for themselves so I asked if I can sleep with them so I dun have to here multiple snores again! So I did. Still didn't get much sleep. It almost feels impossible. I woke up really not well. Bad cough and sore throat, felt even blood in my mouth. I wasn't sure how I'll manage this day.

I went to the kitchen and Prokop was doing breakfast and offered me to eat with them. Such a lovely gesture. So we had scrambled eggs with some meat, bread and veg. Then we packed our things and were ready to start walking again (this time it was earlier - around 8am) but already the sun was so strong! So I put sun scream right away. I was still very dehydrated from the day before so I drank all the water I have thinking I'll do some refill on the way.

Sadly sun was getting stronger and stronger and I still haven't got any water. Burnt already. Asking other pilgrims for sips of water but it helped only for a minute. I started to walk fast believing I can get to some cafe or water source as fast as possible. I was literally passing out. But I knew I can't stop. Then I started to cry. So I cried and cried but still walking. autopilot.

After 15.2 with no water and no energy left, face full of tears, I spotted the same cafe I been 2 years ago. Having a coffee, cold drink and cigarette. I only smoke cigarette this slow on camino. you are experiencing everything so differently. It's insane. I haven't enjoyed this first part of the day at all. It was pure suffering, really. I haven't expect the weather will be this tough. I need to check where I wanna end up, will do refill of water and get on the way again. But first. Bit of rest. So I can walk more today.


Just arrived to Esposende. Met a lovely retired couple from Scotland on the way. Really nice talking to them. But except that it's a torture. Blisters saying me hello already plus I have a rush on intimate parts which hurts and it's super uncomfortable so I can barely walk really. The weather supports the torture.


So I'll take it from Esposende. I said goodbye to Scottish couple and met Misa from Czech again. She had this same idea to have a swim in the ocean, so we walked to the beach. I was still in a huge pain, but tried to ignore it. Had a few dives (that was really amazing - wud say highlight of the day). Then I changed my shoes and walked in my slippers for a while. We stopped for a something to eat. Misa told me it's Sunday tomorrow so everything will be closed (I'd forget), so I bought only some pastry and we continued. I was really suffering. Like...for real. And this is my 4th camino and I can reassure you that this issue i'm having together with blisters etc is the worst combo I've ever experienced.

We both were dying, but still trying support each other. We stopped again. We smoked a ciggie and had iced tea. This owner of this cafe was the best really. He brought us biscuits with marmalade aside. He brought port wine in the end and gave us stamp and stickers. Also he showed us his cool friend - turtle - can't remember its name, so let's call him Angus.

I followed Misa actually, cause I still wasn't sure where I wanna go but with this issue and dying already in general I can barely get to this point. She told me about this albergue, but later on I found out its the same place where I wanted to go, but thought it's further away. The last kilometres were pure suffer. I was forcing my body like ever before. With this fuckin rush or whatever it is, I was walking like a bloody geisha, slow as fuck, with unbearable pain. Ur allowed to laugh but I still can't cause I might not be able to walk tomorrow or even for a couple of days...

Anyway. We got into the albergue. Last 2 spots. My faith is carrying me thru this camino really. Hope just only this annoying and uncomfortable pain will go away asap. It's a shame because of this I couldn't enjoy this day at all...

But even this is camino you know. If ur wondering that I'm still on this vacation. Yes, it can be beyond spectacular but also beyond unbearable.

I had my shower. Washed dirty clothes. Had Soup from the pack and some pastry. I lost my papers so I had to bag for a cigarette. But thank goodness I had one. Saved the day lol. God knows whats gonna happen tomorrow. I'll see how I feel and then I decide.

I would write some recommendation but I think its super useless. Every-time new issue appears and ur not prepared anyway. But this time I was really lucky and Misa has literally everything so I cud give my beautiful bum some proper care (lol)

albergue: €10
km: 28.7 

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